About Us

History of the APDA

The APDA was incorporated on November 17, 1947 during the time that the Atlanta State Farmers Market was located on Murphy Avenue in Atlanta. The original purpose of the Association was to “encourage and protect trade and commerce through the spreading of the intelligent and reliable credit information among its members and to afford its members a medium through which matters of general interest may be discussed and acted upon.” Over the years, these basic principals have been the cornerstone of the organization and the commitment to helping each other has grown stronger. Although the majority of our membership is based around produce dealers, our associate members will find many benefits. An associate member is anyone who does business with our dealers including banks, utilities, hotels and transportation companies.

Who is the APDA?

The Atlanta Produce Dealers Association (APDA) is the official membership organization for professional produce business leaders in the Atlanta region. We welcome members from distribution companies, retailers, and wholesalers of produce. Out membership is also open to other industries who work closely with our produce dealers such as banks, realtors, utilities and other community leaders.

Why should I be a part of the APDA?

Serving as an advocate for the local produce industry, the Atlanta Produce Dealers Association, though not a PAC (political action committee) is the liaison between government officials and the issues facing our industry.

Pursuit of projects that are of special interest to our members is an ongoing goal of the APDA. Pursuit of projects that are of special interest to our members is an ongoing goal of the APDA including raising money for Scholarship’s through our yearly APDA Golf Tournament. Community involvement includes educating and promoting interest in produce and the produce industry.

Scholarship Program 

Each year the Atlanta Produce Dealers Association offers college scholarships to the families of our members. Last year we awarded fourteen $1500 scholarships. Scholarship review and approval is provided by the International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. Applications are accepted from January 1 through April 30 every year. To apply online, visit our website for the link to the International Scholarship and Tuition Services secure web site.

ADPA Scholarship Application